Melbourne Singh Movers | Home and office removal services
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Melbourne Singh Movers   

Melbourne Singh Movers is known for its credibility all over the City of Melbourne.

We offer all sorts of home and office removal services, to make your move a perfect one. Our highly-trained team is committed to providing quality services to all our clients, which certainly is well-coordinated and is delivered by our fit team members who have been helping people move to their destination all these years.

We take pride in highlighting the fact that we offer economic services for our clients to make it a win-win situation for both of us. We are a reputable movers company, which operates Melbourne-wide to make the process of moving out easy and enjoyable for those associated with us.

Our services  

We offer all sorts of home and office removal services


Home Removals

Certainly, the best decision you make in your life is moving to your dream home. So choose correct movers for an efficient work.Read All »

Office Removals

Now that you are planning to move your office to a new location, we have got you covered!Read All »

Packing Services

What we love is what we do. Considering the emotion behind every asset and commodity.Read All »

Furniture Removals

We are professional furniture removalists in Melbourne with an ability to safely provide you with our service.Read All »

Piano, Pool/Billiard Tables Moving

There is no denying that pianos and pool table moves are tedious work however when with us you don’t need to worry.Read All »

Choose your own truck

  • 1 man with 2 tonne Van = $55/Hr
    (Capacity = 7 meter cube 3m(depth) x 1.5m(wide) x 1.5m(high) )
  • 2 man with 4 tonne truck = $85/Hr
    (1-2 bedrooms House)
    (Capacity = 21 meter cube 4.2m (depth) x 2.1m(wide) x 2.2m (high) )
  • 2 men with 8 tonne truck = $110/Hr
    (4 bedrooms House)
    (Capacity = 44 meter cube 8m (depth) x 2.2m(wide) x 2.3m (high) )
  • 1 man with 4.5 tonne truck = $75/Hr
    (1-2 bedrooms House)
    (Capacity = 21 meter cube 4.2m (depth) x 2.1m(wide) x 2.2m (high) )
  • 2 men with 6 tonne truck = $95/Hr
    (3 bedrooms House)
    (Capacity = 33 meter cube 6m (depth) x 2.2m(wide) x 2.3m (high) )

Why Us?  

Renowned Movers striving to attain customer satisfaction.

Our clients vouch on us for legitimate reasons which include our fair prices, the safety of the assets and belongings, on-time delivery and expert services.