Melbourne Singh Movers | Moving Tips
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Moving Tips

Moving Tip 1:

    • Plan carefully prior to the moving date as to where you will place moved contents (furniture etc), according to the size and layout of the new location. We can assist with storage solutions (warehouse) if you require one in case space seems to be an issue. Careful thinking about the available space at a new location will save you time and money in moving.
  • Moving Tip 2:
      • Inform your new address to the new residents of the house you are leaving or you may choose to leave a note for them. Apply and organise postal mail forwarding to your new address with the local post office for any future dated mail or packets at the old address. Sharing this with the neighbours may also help as they can keep your postal deliveries securely to be collected at a later date.

Moving Tip 3: 

      • Make sure you have organised water, electricity, telephone and internet connections at the new residence/location. Similarly, you may need to organise suspension or disconnection of these utilities from the residence you are moving out.

Moving Tip 4:

      •  Make sure to defrost the refrigerator 48 hours before the move to allow appropriate drying; towel dry or wipe the interior with vanilla essence for better results.

Moving Tip 5: 

      • Important documents and records should be packed before the move and should be retained or moved carefully.

Moving Tip 6:

    •  It is not recommended to include any items like paints, fuels, motor oils, thinners or any inflammable liquids in your contents to be moved.